For many years the CHUD Message Boards have been home to a long, extensive thread that showcases the cutting edge spec promotional work of an individual called “Myers87.” While others have paid tribute to his unique, inspiration style, few have every captured his unique perspective on the hope and inspiration that can be found in something as simple as a movie poster. There’s even a CHUD Wiki dedicated to the subject, due to its historical importance.

Well this morning, a Batman fan poster started making the rounds that was a nice diversion from the usual photoshop junk, and put a spotlight on the unique aesthetics each of Nolan’s films have employed in their marketing. It’s a tribute to the evolving sophistication of the imagery, something I looked at when the Dark Knight Rises teaser poster first showed up.

Well I looked a bit deeper into the circumstances of the triptych, and it turns out that it may well be the product of CHUD’s own Myers87. On DeviantArt he goes by the name AndrewSS7, but I think the proof is incontrovertible that Myers87 remains active and at large. Take a look and see if you agree, and keep your fingers crossed that Myers87 has risen again, and will return to the boards to share more with us.. Also, don’t forget to check out Andrew/Myer’s page— he’s done a lot of spec work!