I was not a fan of Superman Returns (my DVD review). I am not alone. With that said it’s always interesting to see how projects evolve, what they could have been, what they might have been, and what they should never be. Now, especially with Zack Snyder doing his own vigilante justice on the character (by way of Christopher Nolan), it makes this redundant and ill-executed flick even that much more a curiosity.

Especially knowing there was a ten million dollar introduction sequence that didn’t make the cut. Ten million bucks. That’s like five Edward Burns movies. Have a peek in HD as this sequence comes to life on the new Superman Anthology Blu-Ray (buy it from CHUD and help us out). Pretty intriguing stuff and there are some really nice visuals… and an amazing amount of manflesh. Curious, that.

Thanks to the always great Brian Henne for the head’s up.