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Harry Potter will make a lot of money and the only question is how much, and what records will it break. There’s not much else to say, and what there is I’ve said here, here, and here.

After taking $43.5 at midnight shows (taking the record from Twilight by $13.5m) and $150m total made across the globe before Friday, nearly perfect audience responses, and staggering amounts of shows sold out in theaters everywhere, I’m gonna go ahead and give it the opening three-day weekend record, just a tick above The Dark Knight. The thing is… I still might be under-shooting.

I’ll be interested to see if Winnie The Pooh manages to carve out a slice of this weekends profits, perhaps from families who have taste above Zookeeper, but children too young for the darkness of Potter. I don’t know if it will quite manage it, but I’m secretly crossing my fingers that Pooh sticks it out above Zookeeper.

This will be a fun weekend to dissect, so join me for the wrap-up!


Harry Potter 7.2 ….. $160,000,000
Transformers 3 ….. $21,000,000
Horrible Bosses …. $17,000,000
Zookeeper ….. $10,500,000
Winnie The Pooh ….. $10,000,000

Come back Sunday to wonder what the fuck I was thinking with me.

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