So I’ve pretty much banged the drum for Bellflower as consistently as I’ve been able since March, and now it’s less than a month away from its theatrical release. It will have a heavy Comic Con presence between now and then, but they’ve just released another wonderful poster capturing the tone (if not the actual pace) of the film. It comes from Hitfix, where Drew has long been a supporter of the film (putting it on my radar and making it one of my SXSW must-sees).

This is not the kind of film I can unequivocally recommend for any and all, but I still think it’s brilliant in an entirely primitive sort of way. I do know there are some chewers out there who will be powerfully affected by it, at the very least.

The film starts a platforming release on August 5th that starts in NY/LA and expands out from there across the next two months. Check and see if your city is on the list right here.

Until then, check out the coverage so far to get an idea about the film if you’re in the dark, or to read my thoughts if you’re still on the fence about it. If you’re in New York, there’s a free premiere screening on the 18th you can check out.

“I think I’m still waiting on the world to end because of this movie.”
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Has any of the material they’ve put out (in what has been a commendably brave and consistent campaign from Oscilloscope) intrigued you enough to see this out? I’m very interested if this flick has any readers excited. Let me know, let everyone know, or let some know.