There’s an inherent logical issue with dismissing or condemning The Thing remakequel that will finally bow on October 14th, but the fact is I haven’t detected a strong air of optimism surrounding the film. Even still, the prequel hopes to capture new audiences and avoid enraging fanboys by having centered the story around a Ripley-like Mary Elizabeth Winstead rather than some sort of MacReady surrogate. She and another pair of Americans join a Norwegian crew in the antarctic mere days before the events of the 1982 classic. Shit and terrifying mutation monsters and shit ensue.

It’s definitely not a PG-13, bland property cash-in, but there’s little about the cast that has lit geek’s asses on fire and word of reshoots (whether they are truly a bad sign or not) never helps the delicate reputation and buzz of a film like this. Regardless, they’ve cooked up a striking poster for the film that’s now making the rounds. It’s a nice reinterpretation of classic The Thing imagery, and it’s not shy about creature-hands.



A good poster does not a good film make, but every bit of goodwill that can be tacked on before release helps. If they keep it up with a solid trailer, that would go a long way towards turning the tide.

Of course, there remains the problem that if this is not exactly a remake and not trying to step on toes, then why the blatant use of the ’82 imagery? Could a one-sheet like this ever compare to the amazing Fro CHUD Poster for The Thing? (That answer is “no” by the way).

What are your thoughts on the The Thing remake: pessimistic, excited, or no shits given? Do you feel like they’re already trading too heavily on the original (remake)?  Twitter, comments, boards- take your pick!

(via JoBlo)