EDIT: Along with the news below, turns out the Oldboy rumors were true. Twitter has become alight with confirmations that Mandate Pictures has, via press release found on Deadline and elsewhere, announced that Spike Lee will indeed direct the American remake. Very interesting, and something we’ll definitely be talking about more and soon.

Was not two weeks ago that we covered some of Spike Lee’s frustrations about Hollywood, and the nebulousness of his next project. As it so often is these days, a tweet has become the first follow up to that story, from the fingertips of the man himself…

Spike’s twitter feed is an interesting stream.

Either way he’s let the cat out of the bag and Blackfilm has followed up with more context. It seems Spike has gotten a film going about an Atlantan who travels from GA to NY during the summer to visit the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. Appropriately, it’s called Red Hook Summer. Beyond that information is limited to the fact that Lee will be reprising his Do The Right Thing role of Mookie to appear in the film. How big a part Mookie plays in the story, how he fits in, and how he’s presented is not clear- this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Lee bringing back the character though.

So what will Mookie be up to and what will he have to say all these years later? I was lucky enough to attend an Atlanta screening of Do The Right Thing just a year or two ago, and it’s still a clearly provocative movie that works wonders on a crowd and stirs up emotions in new viewers and old fans alike. Does Spike tread a dangerous path loading such a classic character with modern baggage, or is this the return of an important cultural icon lending a voice? Hard to tell before we even know what issues the film will tackle, even if we might be able to guess.

If the Oldboy rumors are true and this Mookie resurrection is more than a cameo, it looks like Spike isn’t afraid to retackle characters of established importance

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