This week and the next are going to be big for trailers and promotions as Harry Potter gives a massive platform to the family and young geek audiences, while the later-summer films start their big push in the wake of 1st half monsters like Transformers. The combined might of Paramount, Spielberg, and Peter Jackson are hoping to make a big splash in December with Tintin, so the Potter release is another strong opportunity to start selling this character in the states.

Expanding from the teaser, this trailer uses the promise of old school adventure to sell the picture, while pushing the digital performances pretty hard- especially considering how bashful the teaser was.

The trailer is just now starting to emerge, so most of the copies online are low-res. I decided to go with a pristine copy that has some foreign titles (but it’s not dubbed). If you really can’t stand non-English words anywhere near you, there’s a lower-res version entirely in English below.

To my eyes, there’s a weird mix of facial approaches going on in this movies. Some characters seem more traditionally animated and “cartoony,” while others look like they’re pushing photo-real as close as possible. Oddly, Tintin seems to be the one most awkwardly treading the line, while Haddock and the villain look the most advanced (Serkis especially shines through). I’ll admit though- I’m not creeped out by anyone, which suggests I’ll be able to not really give a shit about the motion-capture and just watch the film. That’s a step forward in my book.

The story (as it’s being sold now) looks to be extremely straightforward, and though this kind of adventure is not my bag, I remain excited about any project that has genuinely excited Spielberg.

Here’s the lower res xenophobe upload.

Thanks to Brian H for the notice.

Do you buy Tintin and his stupid/awesome face? I want to hear about it over there, down there, or in there…