Once you do one Judd Apatow movie, you’re in them all. This rule is proving true for several members of the Bridesmaids cast, who are drifting over to Knocked Up 2.   (It lacks a title, but this is what I’m going to call it until it gets one.)

Chris O’Dowd was one of the first to make the jump, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Melissa McCarthy has now followed. There, she’ll be joined by Super 8’s Ryan Lee, who you better know as The Kid Who Liked Explosives A Lot.  (He was my personal favorite of the little gang, so…hooray!)  All that’s known at this  time is that they’re playing mother and son, and attend the same school as Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s little imps.

I’m sure someone out there is just annoyed as all hell that Apatow is making some kind of sequel to Knocked Up, but I think the cast sells it as something worth keeping an eye on.    I could probably watch it purely for O’Dowd, Lee (especially if he was his Super 8 character all over again) and McCarthy and be reasonably satisfied.