It’s becoming increasingly rare to find independent films on the big screen these day, and independent horror films? Well, they’re even more scarce. Which is why it’s so great to see that Gregory Lamberson, creator of the infamous Slime City (dvd review), has secured a theatrical run for its follow-up Slime City Massacre.

“The media landscape has changed so drastically that the release pattern for independent films is changing as well,” says Lamberson, who wrote and directed Slime City Massacre.  “Filmmakers used to hope for a theatrical release, a VHS or DVD release, and then cable play.  Now, with Video on Demand and streaming, everyone’s scrambling to find a new formula that works. IndieFilmNet is offering alternative programming at a time when big studios and multiplexes control what genre fans see on the big screen.”

IndieFilmNet is based in Montreal Canada and offers programming to 50 theaters in the US and 10 in Canada, along with others around the world. They’re better known for art house fare but occasionally dip their toes in genre stuff, recently handling Hobo With A Shotgun.

Slime City Massacre already got a dvd release through Shriek Show this May, but IndieFilmNet will bring it to theaters this summer. In an interesting choice the theaters can choose what to do with the film- make it a midnight show, single screening, or even a full-on engagement. This film does seem tailor-made for a midnight screening, though… or even a double feature with the original.

Lamberson sees the theatrical release of SCM as a major victory.  “The original Slime City developed its reputation as a midnight movie back in 1988, but it only played at one theater in New York City for five weekends.  IFN will offer Slime City Massacre to 60 theaters, which can screen it whenever they want.  Because the theater owners have the unique flexibility to customize the release to their need, we don’t have to worry about a ‘make or break’ opening weekend.  It’s the digital age equivalent of a drive-in run.”

Good for them. I still haven’t seen the film but the original is such a splattery fun time, and along with Street Trash offers quite a lovely view of 1980s NYC.

For more from Lamberson and all his projects check out his website.