Out of Jamie Foxx’s own mouth to CNN we have brick-solid confirmation that Leonard DiCaprio will be playing the villain (something we knew, but didn’t know) in Django Unchained.

I’ll admit this was already pretty solidly assumed, but the casting process for this film has been so nebulous that I’ve gotten rather annoyed trying to remember where the rumors began and the official negotiation notices ended and who was definitely what. Now we know: Foxx Vs. DiCaprio, as spoken by Foxx whilst gushing about the upcoming shoot.

“I think, just to be able to work with Quentin Tarantino and Samuel Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and to be able to tell a story that needs to be told… If you’re a fan of ‘Inglorious Basterds,’ I mean, you know.. It’s just amazing. It should be [an] amazing [thing].”

Still in talks but mentioned once again: Ray co-star Kerry Washington as the love that Django is after.

Now we just need to hear that Christoph Waltz has signed on the line that is dotted and we can move on from the original rumors and look forward to hearing about all the interesting little supporting casting choices- the kind of stuff that doesn’t get mulled over for months. Along with Sam Jackson and Waltz, there’s sure to be another Tarantino regular that shows up, or perhaps some amazing character actor making his debut in front of the director’s camera- that’s the stuff I want to hear about.

There’s nothing profound or unique about being excited for this flick, but Inglourious Basterds remains one of my newest favorite movies after shooting to the top of the list right away. Its potency hasn’t diminished and it has still left me energized about Tarantino’s new ambitious work pace.

Going back to the casting- Foxx seemed to be no fan’s top choice, but is DiCaprio someone you want to see chewing on Tarantino’s dialogue in the evil role? Or were you hoping for someone else (whether you’ve read the script or not)….

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Source | CNN (via Total Film), Poster Excerpt