This is a bit of news that I definitely wanted to catch up on, as it’s not something to be ignored…

Bryan Cranston, a man of many hair, mustache, beard, and goatee configurations if there ever was one, is on top of the character actor side of Hollywood right now. Breaking Bad has reached a fever pitch of excitement and critical acclaim, leading into its very near season 4 premiere, while the man himself has booked roles in a nearly half a dozen interesting projects. Some of them he’s a part of a huge tapestry of greatness (Rock of Ages), others he’s helping out by classing up the joint (Total Recall), and others still he’s joining a core group of excellent folks for an interesting project (Argo). The latest project he’s negotiating to become a part of is Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad, and it falls squarely into that third category.

Cranston could be joining a cast that already includes Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pena, and Sean Penn for a project that Warner Brothers was shopping to folks like Affleck with a serious eye towards getting it made. The project landed in Zombieland-director Ruben Fleischer’s lap, and will be his first turn towards the serious, following 30 Minutes or Less later this year (my set visit report).

If you’re on the Breaking Bad train, you’re likely already jonesing at the thought of Cranston among this ensemble, but it heightens the anticipation to hear he could be playing an “LAPD officer from Texas who enforces the law ambitiously.” Dig it. Cranston’s at his best when his characters are energized and making shit happen.

I know I’m hustling through the third season of Breaking Bad to catch up before the premiere, and it’s been delightfully fortuitous for my journey with the series and growing excitement for Cranston be met with his flurry of casting notices in the last year. It’s amazing how much the perception of him his has shifted from the Wilkerson days… (don’t expect to get that reference if you’re a chewer who is much older than a fetus).

Source | Variety (via Dark Horizons)

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