Look like Gandalf thinks a quest to take on a dragon is rather worrisome. If he only knew what would be going down in middle earth in a few decades…

As you can see, Empire has let loose another shire-based photo from their sneak peek at the in-production Hobbit adaptation. Along with the familiar close-up of worry-lined Gandalf, we also have a minutely different shot of Bilbo. Neither is particularly new, but for the moment these tiny glimpses are easily swallowed chunks of warm nostalgia. However, there are so many new characters, creatures, and places to get glimpses of that these pictorial odes to the familiar will grow tired quickly, and I’m already impatient for a look at something new and unique. Admittedly, a glimpse of Elrond will be another bit of the familiar that would make me happy.

Regardless, the shadowy out-of-focus troupe of dwarves is a subtle hint towards the unique tale of There And Back Again, and I bet it’s those characters we’ll see more of sooner rather than later.

You can see these images in their full printed glory in the latest issue of Empire.

(via JoBlo)

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