I’m not exactly sure how this slipped past my radar on Friday, other than Peter Falk’s death dominating all the RSS feeds.  But here it is.

Deadline reported on Friday that Christopher Meloni has joined the cast of Man of Steel.  The role was deliciously unspecified, leading many to believe he would be Lex Luthor or Perry White.

Meloni clarified matters to Vulture today, saying that he’ll play “a general” but refusing to elaborate any further.   As far as I know, there are no recurring military generals in Superman canon, so this is an entirely original character.    He’ll be shooting over the course of five months, so it’s definitely an Earth character and not a brief role as a Kryptonian general.

A lot of people are down on Man of Steel, but you have to admit, it’s put together a fantastic cast. It’s about time Meloni got a juicy role on the big screen, and hopefully this is the jump to bigger and better things.