When Immortals played to the audience of the last WonderCon, I saw many Belloqesque cries of “It’s so beautiful!” on Twitter.  My expectations went up accordingly. It is Tarsem Singh, after all.

Now the official trailer is out and it’s thoroughly disappointing.  It looks just like 300, and not just in a slick, sepia way.  Parts of it look as shot-for-shot as Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Since 300 was largely created on a green-screen, it’s not even too much of a stretch to joke that they just loaded up the Hot Gates and used them again.

Perhaps Singh has let his skill stretch in the rest of the film, and they’re using using the 300 bits to sell it harder.  I’d like that to be true.    But for now…well, enjoy your first hard action look at Superman and Bard the Bowman.

Relativity didn’t give an embed with this one, just a link to KIIS FM’s, so for now you shall have to watch it there. I’ll embed the trailer when one is available.