When Marvel announced their intention to make a Captain America movie, one of the biggest questions was how that film would sell overseas.  Isn’t it just too much to have a walking embodiment of one of the world’s loudest superpowers?   Marvel played it accordingly coy, hyping the First Avenger angle and making his pecs seem more like an international effort.

But now Marvel seems to just be saying fuck it. This is Captain America. Made in America. Deal with it.

Considering how he’s owning every inch of this new trailer, I can’t say I blame them for that approach.   Now, I’ve hit the point where I’ve seen enough of this movie — no more trailers, Marvel, please — but I can’t exactly tell you not to watch it because it shows off such scope.  It’s really reminiscent of those adventure films that just happens to be set in World War II such as Where Eagles Dare or The Guns of Navarone only this one just happens to have Captain America instead of a Richard Burton or Gregory Peck.  Very, very cool. And do I finally spy Richard Armitage, soon to be seen in The Hobbit? Why, yes I do!

Watch. But don’t watch anymore than this.