It’s a happy day when there’s a Jason Statham sweat-and-blood fest on the horizon.

And when that sweat-and-blood fest also is studded with squints, growls,  snarls and glares from Robert De Niro and Clive Owen? Well, then I’d say that is worth your time and mine.

What is this glorious film, you ask? It’s Killer Elite, and it has a trailer up at Yahoo! Movies.

It’s not a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s film, but is based on The Feather Men by Ranulph Fiennes. Other than a bit in the Middle East, it seems to bear very little resemblance to the book.  But when you have a choice between accuracy and including “Rock You Like a Hurricane,”  which do you choose? I don’t know.  I hope I never have to make that call.