Remember when Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was so red-hot that every director, star, and studio wanted a piece of it?   Remember when it was a David O. Russell movie?  Won’t it end already?

No.   But at least there is a reason to justify its existence.   According to Variety, Emma Stone has been offered the part of Elizabeth Bennet. She hasn’t accepted.    She may pass, like so many others.

However, if she does, it’s the one reason to see it.    She’s cute and funny, and her brand of snarky charm would be able to sell it as winking satire, which is something even the book couldn’t quite do.

If this has to be made, at least Stone can make it fun.  But even that depends on who they pick as Mr. Darcy.  If he’s not hilarious and hot, then there’s no hope whatsoever.