Django won’t be Idris Elba. He won’t be Chiwetel Ejiofor.  He won’t be any one you kinda hoped he would. It will be as rumor dictated: Jamie Foxx.

Deadline says negotiations have officially started with Foxx, so unless there’s some kind of unforeseen complication, it’s Foxx’s to lose.

Variety reports that Kerry Washington is a contender for the role of Broomhilda, Django’s long lost love.   She’s one name among several, but Tarantino seems to be making his first round picks every single time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Washington take it.   Besides, reuniting the stars of Ray seems like the kind of thing Tarantino would do.

Both Deadline and Variety echo that DiCaprio has indeed signed to play Calvin Candie, so there’s  no wiggle room left there.

I know this goes without saying for any given film,  but I really can’t wait to stop writing news on Django, and see the goddamn thing.