You’ve seen the photos. You’ve seen the poster. Now see the trailer.

It definitely has Craig Brewer’s Southern sweat all over it.  But that’s all I can really say for it, other than yep, this is Footloose for 2011, where breakdancing is replaced with bumping, grinding, and a far tighter “Dance Your Ass Off” t-shirt than anyone wore in the original.

And what has happened to the world that we’ve become smaller and more in touch with one another, yet our grasp of regional accents has become even more loose and uninformed? I don’t know what accent Ren is sporting, but it sounds like Boston by way of Perth.    It’s like someone wrote a description of a Southern accent to Kenny Wormald, and he followed it to the letter, but never actually bothered to listen to one.

Whatever, Footloose cast. You’ll never top the sheer fury and passion that was Bret’s Angry Dance. Now that’s a boy who has been told the town doesn’t want him around their daughters.