Grey alienThis weekend I was reading the intro to Brian Michael Bendis’ graphic novel Jinx,
from back before he was writing every other comic published by Marvel
and completely diluting his talent. In the intro or one of the other
“supplemental features” in this monstrously big book, Bendis mentions
that he made his heroine a bounty hunter because there have been so
many cop shows and movies, but so little done about bounty hunters and
bail bondsmen.

of course has changed. We live in a world where there are competing
bounty hunter reality TV shows, for the love of Pete, and I do love
Pete. And Tony Scott’s next film is a bounty hunter movie as well, and
it mixes elements of the previously mentioned works – it’s about a
woman, and it’s based on true events.

The film, Domino,
is, as we previously reported in an article that I am far too lazy to
look up right now, is about a woman who ditches a modeling career to
become a bounty hunter. Even cooler, the woman is the real life
daughter of original Manchurian Candidate Laurence Harvey. She’s being played by Keira Knightley, and now she has a co-star – American Beauty’s
Mena Suvari will be playing a producer’s assistant. Not really certain
how that works into the whole story, but there you go. Still, nice to
see that someone is making it out of the American Pie films alive.

The film, by the way, was written by Richard Kelly, who is still coasting on Donnie Darko. Direct another film already, man!