Right on the tail of Fassbender’s mainstream acceptance as the next big thing in GQ cover actor-types, comes the long-awaited for first look at David Cronenberg’s look at the beginnings of modern psychoanalysis and all the kinky, immoral shit that happened at its start. It’s called A Dangerous Method and it also joins Fassbender (as Carl Jung) with the amazing Viggo Mortenson (as Sigmund Freud), the good-when-used-well Keira Knightley, and the fiery Vincent Cassel (one of these days he’ll play a character with some impulse control…). The trailer is simple, the film looks straightforward, but a cast of electric actors combined with a master director diving into an intriguing story- there’s nothing more exciting. There’s also the benefit of seeing Cronenberg jump back into the darker realms of human sexual identity- a place in which he excels at finding interesting little nooks and crannies. I’m unspeakably excited to see this.

Currently you’ll have to head to the official site to see the trailer, which is kinda, almost-sort-of NSFW. A little groping and spanking is all really.

Here’s an embed from Empire.

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