It’s only been two weeks since the last The Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer, but with August 5 right around the corner…

This latest is the international trailer. There’s quite a bit of new footage.  Here we see Tom Felton, who is taking a vacation from torturing Mudbloods in order to torture chimps.    I thought Brian Cox was going to be the spark to the ape gasoline, but it’s going to be Malfoy!

We also get a peek at the sad story behind “The Cure.” John Lithgow is the reason behind Franco’s madness, but unlike his strained scientist son, he’s capable of compassion.  He and Caesar form an unexpected bond.

Franco remains the weak link of the film (every scene seems to reveal more stilted delivery) but I think I’m down for seeing this if Caesar rips out his throat at any point in the film.

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