IGN has the new trailer for Jason Momoa’s debut as Crom’s finest son. And it’s red band, which means there’s blood. A decent amount, and a few rippings of flesh. Game of Thrones has made me a fan (with reservations) of the man as an ass kicker but Conan the Barbarian is a much bigger test. The dialogue here is all gutteral and rote, but it’s a Conan film. What isn’t excusable is the music the trailer is cut to, some screamo [I think I lose track of what shitty music should be attributed to what shitty genre] tune that rips off “Crazy Train”. Somehow cutting Clash of the Titans to rock music worked and this doesn’t. I dunno.

Regardless, it’s Friday and a trailer featuring men hewn in pieces might be just what the witch doctor ordered. Behold!


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