Just when I think I’m “ready” for Harry Potter to be over, just when I think I’m not that excited because hey, I read the books and I know what will happen… they release some new footage and I’m snuffling like a little kid.

The latest (and last, I imagine) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II doesn’t spare a single goddamn tear, either. It starts off with a crying baby Harry.   And it just gets worse from there, as well as more epic.  They were right to skip over the “first” battle of Hogwarts and up the ante in every single way possible.  I think it may even top Lord of the Rings in sheer scale.

I won’t cry. I won’t cry. You won’t break me the way Pixar did, Potter!  So I’ll merely concentrate on Lucius “So Goddamn Hot” Malfoy and…um…

All joking aside, it’s really a fantastic trailer and it’s online at Apple right now.   You might not even want to watch it if you want to go in cold to all the punches to the gut.  If you’re a Potter fan, you’re going regardless, and if you’re not, you’ve skipped over this post altogether.

This is the summer movie to beat, though.  I think it’s going to break every record there is.