When Tom Hooper boarded Les Miserables last spring, they should have saved time and just announced Hugh Jackman’s name right then.   In fact, Les Miserables should not have even been proposed for the big screen unless it was already agreed Jackman would be in it. Why it took three months to announce this is preposterous.

Yes, that’s right, I said preposterous and meant it.

But because they just weren’t sure, or only knew Jackman “from those Wolverine movies,” or because his schedule was too full,  it has taken until June for him to officially enter talks.   Variety suggest it is indeed because The Wolverine has been pushed back, leaving Jackman free to finally do a big screen musical.

The only question remaining is whether Jackman is playing Jean Valjean or Javert.   As much as I’d love to see him do dogged and villainous, I’m crossing my fingers  for Valjean.  I have a terribly soft spot for “Bring Him Home.” I need to hear Jackman sing this before I die.