John Carter (of Mars) has been quietly progressing all through 2011, as Andrew Stanton and Disney put together their epic Mars-based pulp film. The production is an odd one as it is combing a number of effects techniques, and while some would report they’re well past principle photography, I know for a fact that James Purefoy hasn’t yet shot his material as Kantos Kan.

Regardless of what exactly the workflow on the Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation ends of being, it’s set to hit theaters in March of 2012 (a good time to make some money with something like this) and we’ve already got a teaser poster.

Considering they yanked “of Mars” out of the title of the film for some silly ass reason, it’s weird they’re still rolling with this image. I have to assume this was generated before the title change, but it’s a mistake to overthink a simple teaser poster that comes from Apple Trailers. You do get your first look at Taylor Kitsch though and, even if they did pick a weird angle to crop, he looks pretty spot on. Now we just need looks at the aforementioned James Purefoy, as well as Mark Strong, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Bryan Cranston and the others that round out the cast. Also, let’s get a look at some critters, shall we?

Thanks to Brian Henne.

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