aeonDear CHUD readers, this could well be one of the last times I update this site (stop cheering). This weekend I am flying to Berlin (the one in Germany) to visit the set of the feature film adaptation of Aeon Flux. I fear flying like a worm fears the early bird, and this will be my first time winging it across the Atlantic. But if I should take find my end to be the same as that guy who got sucked out of the plane in the Lost pilot, at least I will have reported to you this one Aeon Flux related story.

The first picture of Charlize Theron in her movie get-up is out, and she couldn’t look any different from her role in Monster. Not that I expected her to still be wearing that burn looking makeup. Anyway, while her hair is less purple and her body less grotesquely proportioned than Peter Chung’s animated heroine, she does look poised to kick a bit of ass.

Expect to hear more from me about the film in weeks ahead, assuming I survive the flights and am not embargoed to death. If I do survive the flight but am embargoed to death, look forward to lots of "Innocents Abroad" type bullshit.