Six months ago I would have expected Super 8 to be on a much clearer track for definite (if not phenomenal) success, and yet its legs seemed to have buckled in the last few weeks. We’re left with a desperate last-minute batch of screenings, a sneak Thursday release, and a studio low-balling projections at $25-30m for a blockbuster of some heavy prestige. It’s a shame as the film is original and mostly good (video review here, and text review coming very soon), but it definitely lets the air out of the tires of the half-assed total mystery approach to movie marketing. And Paramount seems fine with ditching that ultra-mystery as the release date approaches, and the TV spots keep pulling up the skirt to show more and more ankle. If the film does less than $35 this weekend –and I suspect it will– then expect the TV campaign to hike up the skirt and let loose with full-on twat shots. The word of mouth will be good, but the long-play is going to be tough for any film this summer.

The release of the video below is a sign of that inevitability, though you could argue it’s ultimately fulfillment of a viral campaign that used secret military footage to tease fans. But while there’s no actual footage from the film, just from the film within the film, it’s not without its spoilers. The video, which shows some interaction with the creature in question and alludes to some of its interesting characteristics, actually does more to spoil an interesting (and my favorite) reveal from the film that has nothing to do directly with the creature itself. If you’ve caught one of the sneak previews though, it might be fun to watch this film, which appears in cut up chunks, as an isolated piece.

If you’re hungry for footage, have already seen the film, or just don’t give a rat’s ass about spoilers, have at the short clip below. Just keep in mind that you, as a part of the moviegoing public, are playing the role of the cigar-chomping casting director breathing orders at the off-the-bus starlet… “Yeah, take it off… just slip that strap down… ya wanna be a box office hit, doncha?”

Source | THR

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