gggIf you want to see a Harold and Kumar 2: Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam (where else?), you better buy the DVD. That’s going to be the deciding factor on a sequel, says director Danny Leiner. "That is the plan. The writers were hired
to write that sequel. And I think it’s going to depend on how the DVDs
sell. If they become a big seller – as I’m hoping they will because I
know there’s a lot of fans of the movie out there, and hopefully
they’ll tell their friends and that kind of thing – maybe it will take
off like an Office Space or a DVD like that. I actually think we have a
good shot. We’ll know over the next couple of months, into February and
March. Plus, I want to go to Amsterdam!"

The film, which cost 9 million to make, earned double that in theaters, but bringing everyone back would probably hike the costs this time. Thus the need for a healthy DVD life. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I did manage to eat a bunch of White Castle burgers at their junket here in New York City, so I have nothing but warm wishes for the boys. I do have to wonder what it says about us as a society, though, when all of our enduring stoner duos are minorities. Or Jay and Silent Bob.