So today’s Penny Arcade strip was so good that I very nearly ran it all by itself. I know not everyone appreciates these guys, but I couldn’t help but L (very much OL) at this take on First Class.

…Remember that it’s a film I liked, but damn were the “first class” characters silly as shit.

And while that wouldn’t typically be enough, it was worth simultaneously catching you up on a story that’s a few days old and thinly detailed, but still kinda cool. Turns out that one of PA’s side-strip ideas has been picked up by Paramount and paired with screenwriter Gary Whitta (Book of Eli). It’s a space-faring tale about a boy changing intergalactic schools, and it’s set to become a CG animated family film. It’s called The New Kid, and it’s a very simple, very evocative single strip. It’s not the kind of thing that you would usually expect to be licensed outright, but that speaks to the ability of the guys behind PA to evoke a lot with a little. Their comic is also popular as fuck, so there’s that.

What I do enjoy about Jerry and Mike though, is that while their comic is usually amusing and occasionally funny, from time to time the writing and art will collide in such a perfect way as to strike a wonderful chord in one’s imagination. Most of their side projects are like this, and the half a dozen non-PA strips they’ve teased or tinkered with over the years usually capitalize on this gift. They rarely get into much detail or truly pull out anything amazing from these new worlds, but they have a unique talent at succinctly hinting at the infinite possibilities of a concept. Clearly it’s worked.

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