Notes on SIGNS
– Possibly my favorite of the spoofs. I love the way Lewis draws aliens (readers of our old Dead Squirrel Magazine can attest) and I think a film so homey and small is harder to do that ones with stuff that allows for broad comedy. Plus, I think this is a perfect blend of each of our panels (we take turns, as I mention below). Either way, I love this one. Good stuff. – Nick.

was the third of our movie spoofs for the now corpsified magazine MOVIE
INSIDER, a British publication that put the strip in the hands of a
wise, but small group of people. Since then, I’ve popped some of the
strips up from time to time but never with much fanfare. Since we’ll be
airing a daily comic strip called Ron in the coming weeks and uncorking the resurrection of this strip, I figured I’d do it right.

Essentially, Hollywoodn’t is a movie spoof strip that Lewis and I do together. Like Ron,
it’s a fun process. We take two blank pieces of paper and we each start
a comic strip based on the movie of choice. I draw a panel on one, he
draws a panel on the other. We then swap and do a panel, and repeat the
process until we have four pages or so. Then, we pick what we consider
the funniest panels and Lewis redraws them (he’s a professional artist,
I am most certainly not) and makes them into the fun, noseless strips
like the one you see above.

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Coming Tuesday: ROTFLMAO of the OMGWTF?