Notes on X2 – This turned out to be harder to spoof than we thought. First of all, it’s a really good movie and secondly… we didn’t want to have to cater too much to hardcore fans. I think that this is probably the most disjointed of our strips, probably because we bumped right up against deadline, and because some of the jokes might be too oblique. Either way, I still love this one though Lewis’ choice of using my Brian Cox (drawn in like five seconds) makes me look even worse as an artist than I actually am. Some good stuff in here though. – Nick.

was the second of our movie spoofs for the now corpsified magazine MOVIE
INSIDER, a British publication that put the strip in the hands of a
wise, but small group of people. Since then, I’ve popped some of the
strips up from time to time but never with much fanfare. Since we’ll be
airing a daily comic strip called Ron in the coming weeks and uncorking the resurrection of this strip, I figured I’d do it right.

Essentially, Hollywoodn’t is a movie spoof strip that Lewis and I do together. Like Ron,
it’s a fun process. We take two blank pieces of paper and we each start
a comic strip based on the movie of choice. I draw a panel on one, he
draws a panel on the other. We then swap and do a panel, and repeat the
process until we have four pages or so. Then, we pick what we consider
the funniest panels and Lewis redraws them (he’s a professional artist,
I am most certainly not) and makes them into the fun, noseless strips
like the one you see above.

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Coming Monday: Re-SIGNed