The MTV Movie Awards played this weekend (that was the shrieking you heard emanating from the west coast — Twilight was present), and with it came a slew of exclusive movie previews.

One of these was for Fright Night, which is undoubtedly gunning hard for the Twilight and True Blood fans.  The preview was essentially the same as the official trailer, except for one thing: David Tennant. He actually has a line in this one, which single-handedly means the Tennant / Doctor Who fans will see it.   (I realize this is a blanket statement, but the YouTube comments gushing over the delivery of his single line are astonishing.) I’ve embedded it below, as well as a full scene DreamWorks sent over of Colin Farrell salivating all over Charley’s ladies.  I know we’re all fans of the original, but I think you have to admit Farrell outsleazes Christopher Sarandon — though to be fair, no one (not even Farrell) could overcome the velour and Cosby sweaters.  Those take the damper off any evil.