The summer’s going to slide by quick, and before you know it we’ll be in August and Conan will be arriving to kick asses. Lionsgate will not have you forgetting that, as their summer pinch-hitter has already had a full trailer and now a batch of character posters have been disseminated through the online sites. It would seem this summer’s poster designers are all about filling negative space with dust and debris, if these and Captain America are any indication.

All of the sites have watermarked their posters quite clearly, but indeed you can thank MTV, PopWatch, JoBlo, ComingSoon, FirstShowing for bring you the posters, and Collider for delightfully collecting them.

I can’t escape this without saying that Perlman looks particularly apish in this role. He looks like he’s kicking much more ass than in the dreadful Season of the Witch, but I could help but-

Also I’m having trouble figuring out what will be jacked off to more- Tamara’s tits, or the forehead on Marique. What do you think?

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