Well that’s a rather salacious headline, no?

Well the fact of that matter is that Deadline is reporting Paul Thomas Anderson has indeed cast Amy Adams in his new film, and that she’ll play the wife of Hoffman’s character, and (presumably) the mother of his son, a role recently filled by Jesse Plemons.

The film will be shooting in just a few short weeks, and it’s got a pretty robust cast that also includes Joaquin Phoenix and David Washofsky, with the possibility of some other rumored folks that are not yet confirmed. Those confirmations will likely comes as the film begins to roll- maybe we’ll find out some plot details as well. That said, I could hear nothing about this film for the next year and simply walk into a dark theater in which I know it’s playing and be just as happy.

As for Adams- she’s definitely proven her range and ability at this point, so I’m all for it. This will definitely be a different kind of shoot from some of her lighter work though.

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