I think it says something about the way times have changed in the last decade or two that Aaron Sorkin, who made his name with a series examining the behind-the-scenes of the White House, will return to the world of powerful political dealings by going behind the scenes of a cable news network. I can only imagine what Sorkin will have to say about the modern machinations of the political world and how much the narrative is written and guided by these networks. It’s an exciting concept for a show pitched by an exciting scribe, and since HBO picked it up on the tail of the writer’s Social Network heat and began developing the pilot, we’ve been waiting to hear some more news.

Now we have faces! Sam Waterston will be one among them, as the Law & Order veteran takes on the supporting role of Charles Skinner, the head of the station’s news. Jeff Daniels was previously announced as the anchor whose show the series will focus on, and he’ll be dealing with some kind of friction between his producer MacKenzie, played by Emily Mortimer (if the deals go through), and Waterston’s character for hiring her. Allison Pill (Kim from Scott Pilgrim) and Olivia Munn will also take on roles in the show.

There’s not much beyond that, aside from a title that may or may not stick with the show: More On This As It Develops.

So, yeah- more on this as it develops…

Source | Deadline (via Collider)

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