The Witcher 2 is at parts charming, preposterously difficult, beautiful, and engrossing. It’s also a PC exclusive – but not for long, according to an ESRB discovery by eurogamer:

“…there is also a fleeting image of pubic hair as a woman dives into the water.”

Expect these pubes to grace the 360* in the coming months.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone following CD Projekt’s on-again-off-again console discussions, and it’s even less surprising given that Witcher 2’s Quicktime Events display the 360 button scheme when playing with a Windows controller.  There’s no word yet on a PS3 version.

To those with a capable PC who are still on the fence, I’ll say this: The Witcher 2 fixes or improves upon most of the first game’s serious problems, including the poorly designed combat. Also, it’s keyboard-smashingly hard, at least in the first act, so prepare to abuse the quicksave while you learn the ropes.  (Don’t worry, it gets easier.)

*Technically, the above headline should read read “Witcher 2 Comes to Console,” but that would have sounded weird.