Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Screen Daily is reporting (I’m not linking to their story because it requires you to register, screw that) that the long awaited World War Z adaptation is gearing up to shoot all over the world starting in June. The film will be directed by Marc Forster, will star Brad Pitt  and has a script penned by J. Michael Straczynski and Matthew Michael Carnahan. Production will reportedly begin in Malta.

If you are a horror fan, you should be excited about this. Marc Forster (I like Quantum of Solace) is good. Brad Pitt is good. The source material, Max Brook’s novel, is good. The screenwriters are good. Of course the internet will respond with the usual “Zombies are played out!” sentiment, then turn around and gobble up the endless superhero content Hollywood churns out. News flash: Pretty much everything is “played out”. What matters is that you have a good story and that you tell it well. This project has the potential for greatness. Give it a chance.