Can’t believe I missed this, but HBO has had a small peek into the second season filming of Boardwalk Empire online for a few weeks now. Lately I’ve been wondering where all the news about second season casting, filming, and release dates has been, but it’s good to know that nothing has held the show up. There’s still no official premiere date, but somewhere near the first season’s mid-September debut is likely.

The featurette isn’t terribly detailed, but doesn’t hint at the themes that will be present in the second season, and mentions that the show will pick up a few months after it left off. Terrence Winter does a good rundown of where each character was left, and what places they’ll be exploring in the coming episodes.

Considering it was one of favorite pieces of cinema in any format last year, I’m very much looking forward to the show returning. I haven’t been able to work weekly visits into an HBO-possessing home into my life, so I’ve missed out on all of the Game of Thrones fun. I’ll very much be ready for some high-quality TV when it comes time for Nucky Thompson, Capone, and all the rest to start shaking up the Boardwalk again.


To add something special to the article, when I was digging around a bit I stumbled on some Boardwalk inspired piece on deviantart. I ran a search and lo and behold, there’s been all kinds of interesting, hilarious, or batshit art inspired by the show. Take a look at some of it below. The first two are my favorite.

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