I lost the first instance of this article to shitty internet, so… streamlined thoughts a comin’.

Here’s the deal… I loved Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop. It’s a documentary that should be seen by anyone who enjoys comedy, appreciates dedication to artistic endeavors, or has any interest in Conan at all. There’s a new trailer that gets across the funny and the drama very well. That said, while it does adequately prep you for the conflict the documentary tackles, it still doesn’t do the film justice in terms of how hilarious it is. I’ve yet to laugh in a theater as consistently and uproariously as I did at this movie. Rodman Flender has crafted a doc that is compelling and shit-your-pants funny. It’s a rare accomplishment.

If you can’t stand Conan or his story because he’s rich… well, enjoy only appreciating the art of poor people I guess. While it was all ultimately business, it was also a very personal and very shitty set of circumstances that he was reacting to. If you’ll think back to how long a bad breakup tore you up inside or how crushing an aborted career path can be, then it shouldn’t be so hard to understand what was going on in his head. Magnify that by millions of interested fans and dozens of outlets scraping for gossip and interviews… overexposure is a tough thing to manage these days.

You can see the film in theaters on June 24th, or on VOD in many ways and places soon. If you dig the trailer or trust my word- you should definitely make plans to see it. Don’t do what you do with his show and just support it in theory, and watch an online clip occasionally. See this.

(Oh yeah, it was Deadline that reminded me of the trailer this morning.)

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