May 21

Film/TV: A long ass Braves game, one which they toughed out in extra innings thanks to Joe Mather, a guy I hated on only a week ago.

Music: Steve and I created the delightful new Wizard’s Keys song Concentration of Red, which you can hear here. We also worked on a few Killing Swarm tunes so that album can be put to bed. Speaking of, here’s the video Renn shot and edited for our song StormHead:

Comedy: No, but STEVE.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Flying Biscuit for breakfast. Delightful eggs and turkey sausage and biscuit and stuff + a Sledgehammer. Gold. Leftover pasta was eaten. As was a massive fruit salad. Some booze, but not as much as hoped. Lots of water. Lots of tea. Lots of anything to keep hydrated.

Family: Yes. Rocco in the morning. Mom and my aunts from Florida in the afternoon. A steady diet of humanity.

Friends: The Murph.

Work: NO.

Animal of the Day: NO.

Art: NO.

Goodies: NO.

Screenwriting: NO.

Projects: NO.

Minutia: I didn’t know Advil worked on sore throats. AMAZING shit. I bet if you put an Advil in your dick it’d improve it somehow.

Activity: Coughing. Aching. Are these activities?

Ailments: I got with a virus. Not THE virus, but A virus. The better part of Saturday involved me being alone in the dark and hating all things.

Shrink’s Chair: I have a great immune system, though I have to wonder if the stress of recent months cut into it a little bit.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Adobe, for not making the new version of Audition compatible with the last one.

True Trivia: Every time I see a Doberman I get sad. That’s how much my dog Gretchen meant/means to me. Still gets me.

What Did I Learn Today: I need to have my deck finished. That’s my happy place and it’s currently sad as my father in-law waterproofs it.

Link of the Day: Shining Force Fansite. Such great games.

Wasted Domain of the Day: What a great domain for recipes. UNUSED.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Recovery. My kid’s 2.5 hour goddamn recital.

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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