Just this morning I was hoping aloud that We Need To Talk About Kevin would be managing some kind of heat coming out of Cannes, and just now comes news from Deadline that Oscillascope has nabbed the pic. Even better, they’re looking at a release in the winter complete with an awards push. Clearly the studio sees this as a prestige film worthy of attention here and are pinning some hopes for gold on it.

I’m not particularly interested in the film because it’s an awards contender, but whatever gives the film momentum is fine by me. The clips we ran last week are haunting and indicative of an intense movie, and many of the opinions that matter have pegged it as the best of the fest. The head of Oscilloscope compares the film to Rosemary’s Baby when discussing the acquisition, which tells you how chilling of an experience it will be to watch Tilda Swinton play a mother dealing with the fallout from the school shooting her psychopathic son has just perpetrated.

I’ll have to set aside my interest and let more of the year pass, but I’m very happy to hear there will be yet another fascinating film awaiting come year’s end.

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