The official site for Carmageddon is displaying a countdown clock that will hit zero on June 1st, giving pretty good reason for everyone to assume that we’ll then be privy to some new details on the long-delayed next installment of the car combat series.

How long has it been? Carmageddon TDR 2000 hit in 2000, with Carmageddon 4 originally supposed to release in 2005 before it was abruptly canceled. Since then Eidos gained ownership of SCi, which itself became part of Square Enix. The website is registered to Square Enix and it’s amusing to think that the next Carmageddon will be a Square title.
Those of you who’ve never played the very silly, very violent, and also quite controversial PC game, it’s simply Death Race 2000 in video game form. You can choose from a selection of vehicles that are equipped with various stabbing and crushing implements and try to win a race. You could technically win a race by actually racing but no one ever really tried to come in first. You could also win by decimating the other cars or by doing the impossible- killing every pedestrian in the level. Quite hard when you’ve got hundreds of them running away, screaming. (Fun fact- in Germany the pedestrians were either zombies or robots, because you can only run over non-humans over there.)

Also, the first game has music from Fear Factory, which as everyone knows is the perfect music for the melding of man and machine.

To be honest though, the series was never that great and the last two installments didn’t hold up to the first, but with this and a new Twisted Metal on the way we should be set as far as vehicular destruction. More details soon!