Well well well… I don’t want to rub it in or anything, but no rapture May 21st? Far be it from me to make fun of anyone’s spiritual beliefs, but this isn’t really a case of making fun of someone else’s spiritual beliefs – it’s making fun of a quacky Pastor who probably has a stake in the Post Rapture Pet Service that I blogged about waaaaay back here POST RAPTURE PET SERVICE *and was mentioned in many of the articles concerning Pastor Camping’s prediction, really more of a self-styled ‘decoding’ of the Bible that revealed to him the day and hour of the Rapture.


I think some folks maybe started to think Camping was a graduate of the Wack-O University when they realized his prediction held that Rapture would begin May 21st, 2011 at 6 PM local time – essentially meaning that there would be a ‘rolling rapture’. This of course, to any sane person, sounds ludicrous because it implies god or whoever would be leading this thing would be utilizing watches and adhering to the man-made concept of time. This is one of the biggest (and to me most crippling) aspects of some people’s faith, whether we’re talking Christian or Flying Spaghetti Monster – people are so hung up on themselves that they believe their deities are going to look and behave just like them. I know the Bible says God made man in his image but that doesn’t mean he’s going to pull up in a Subaru talking on his iPhone. However therein lies another inconsistency (remember – the Bible has many authors, many of whom are completely inconsistent or contradictory to others in the same book, and its been edited several different times to fit several different ruling agendas) – ‘God made Man in His image.

I hate to sound like that genre-vomiting hack Dan Brown (but he read the same books I did and then pilfered what he wanted from them) but can anything but anymore ignorant or enfeebling toward women, excluding of half (or more) of the human race?

Anyway, Camping has done this before, apparently predicting a similar apocalypse back in the mid nineties. So I guess it’s back to the old drawing board, eh?

Here’s some coverage of the failed event I found amusing. Til the next Rapture, eat your vegetables or you’ll burn in hell!!!

Post Rapture Coverage


* I’m starting a similar business – I’m selling tickets to the Slayer tour of the Underworld for all of us sinners who end up down there. Message me through this site if you want dibs on the good seats, one more Rapture false alarm and I might be cleaned out!!!