After apologizing again and again for the first Green Lantern trailer, Warner Bros has stepped up their promotional game.

A third trailer hit the Internet tonight,  offering a little more footage, and a big dose of mythology.  In fact, there’s more Lantern history than shots of Ryan Reynolds.

I think we’ve said it with just about every trailer Warner Bros put out,  but this is really is the teaser the studio should have released first.  It’s a teaser, not a trailer, and it’s the perfect newbie introduction to the wild and weird mythology of the Lantern  Corps.  Coming on the heels of Trailer #2 and the extended sneak peek on Apple, it feels a bit redundant.  In fact, the more skeptical might say something like “Now they’re cutting out Reynolds because he’s weak!”  (I’m not saying that.  I think they’re just taking advantage of a post-Thor marketplace and showing off their expansive universe. )

It remains to be seen if the backwards marketing hurts Lantern. I don’t think it will.  Trailer #2 played to great enthusiasm at my screening of Thor.   The little kid in front of me — who had never, until that moment, heard of Green Lantern — was beside himself with excitement. And that’s exactly who you have to hook.  (He did insist very loudly his mother couldn’t come.  Kid, moms like superhero movies too.  Don’t be that guy.)

The trailer is below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.