Drago hit me right here!Video diaries, blogs, etc. have become a pretty cool new marketing tool the studios are using to both promote and raise interest in their respective film properties (King Kong and Superman Returns being the most recent and obvious examples). It’s one of those win-win scenarios where the studio’s films get their exposure and we as fans get a cool little glimpse into the whole process.

My only concern is with the eventual DVD releases of these films. Will the bonus materials be recycled stuff we’ve already seen on the web or will we get all-new goodies? We already know what they’re doing with Kong‘s Production Diaries. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what route others will take.

There’s a news item in here somewhere… Oh yeah! Stallone’s Rocky Balboa now as a blog site to accompany it and the first video of behind-the-scene happenings is already up. Check it out by heading over to rockybalboablog.com.

Rocky Balboa is currently set for a February 9, 2007 release. Why are they releasing it during the doldrums?