Paramount has just announced that it’s going to be releasing Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon a whole two days earlier, bumping it from Friday, July 1st to Wednesday, June 29th. Revenge of the Fallen worked the Wednesday release to its (commercial) success quite well, so they probably want to try the same trick this time around.

So you’ll be able to see it Tuesday night for your all your midnight robot bashing pleasure. The only thing you’ll have to decide on is whether to see it in 3D, 2D, IMAX, or just stay home and watch Hardware.

Hate on Bay all you want, but people are already saying good things about this one. That it’s the best of the series, that it features some incredible city and lunar destruction, that it’s taken cinema to a whole new level (they’re not saying that). Let’s just hope it’s more like the first and less like the second.