This week we decided to do the wrap-up a little quicker and dirtier than usual, but we didn’t want to lose any of the fun. So what you’ll find in this particular video is one of our favorite bits we’ve ever done (well, its one of my favorites at least) followed by two very quick discussions of the major films to screen this week, bifurcated by a quick rant from Nick about a spectacularly terrible theater experience. We hope you enjoy this week’s video, and if you do- make sure to toss it on your facebook, tweet about it, or otherwise share it with the world! There are some profound themes explored in this segment, and it shouldn’t go unwatched by those in need! Also, my beard is broken.

Tree of Life
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
At World’s End
Dead Man’s Chest
Curse of the Black Pearl
V for Vendetta
Speed Racer
Dungeons & Dragons
The Fountain
2001: A Space Odyssey
Death Sentence

Also: Sewer Murders, Shitty 3D, Steven Webber’s twitter stream


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