Like many of you, ever since Forgetting Sarah Marshall I’ve been pretty pumped for the Jason Segel/Nicholas Stoller-penned The Muppets. Tacking on James Bobin as the director kept that excitement going. As did Flight of the Conchords‘s Bret McKenzie writing the film’s music. I’ve got very high hopes for this film, though I also have high Muppet standards. While I’ll concede that Muppets From Space had some solid stuff and was a fun film, I’m of the mind that there hasn’t been a really good Muppet movie since Muppets Taken Manhattan, in part because the Muppets became much more kid-centric after Jim Henson’s death. So I figured that the guy who showed us his dick for no reason in a rom-com he wrote for himself to star in maybe has a good shot at bringing back a bit of the adult tone Henson had originally infused the characters with. Until this Fall we can only speculate, but in the meantime we can enjoy this snap of The Muppets‘ teaser poster. So far I’m liking what I see. While this is certainly no indicator of the film’s quality, I like its unusual tone. Basically I just like that it isn’t close-ups of their faces. Seeing full-body shots of the Muppets is always strange and pleasing to me. You can forget they have feet sometimes.

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