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Turns out that Alex Baldwin’s big mistake (which Nick rightly called out) of leaving Rock of Ages has been reversed, or more specifically: averted in the first place.

Turns out Baldwin wasn’t intent on making a dumb decision, but was anticipating a rough recovery from a medical event of some sort and asked that New Line look into replacing him. Apparently Warner Brothers newest chief Jeff Robinov, who has always been a bit of a prick and seems to have kept that up in his new role, decided that Baldwin needed to not be such a pussy gosh just do it come on.

No replacement was sought, since Alec was already a lucky bit of stellar casting after several high-profile passes (Ferrell, Carell). Robinov wasn’t into the idea of stopping production for whatever’s Alec condition was, as it is supposed to be totally cleared up before production begins in just shy of two weeks. Baldwin’s formal commitment was reinforced and the film (and us lucky pricks watching it) still get the amazing actor/comedian in our 80s styled rockpera. Of course, that’s along with Tom Cruise, Russell Brand (great!), Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul Giamatti, Bryan Cranston (Breakdancing Bad? Sorry.), Mary J. Blige and the lovely Miss Malin Akerman.

Kind of tough to think “Fuck you Baldwin! Be in this movie I want to see you in, fuck your health,” but I can’t imagine he couldn’t escape his contract if it was something truly serious. So yeah… Fuck your health Baldwin. Sing and dance for me.

Yeah, that’s it. Mmmhmmm.

Source | Deadline

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